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Black Star Line
Company Overview

BSL is a ground-breaking for-profit trade mediation company headquartered in Accra, Ghana. The company was founded in 2007 by a group of African entrepreneurs with a track record for success in developing a variety of products for the African market.

BSL has created a proprietary technology platform, the MX PlatformTM, to coordinate trade via mobile phones and/or the Internet. The platform is highly scalable to process high transaction volumes. BSL runs a model combining transaction brokerage and a virtual market place.

BSL brings merchants and customers in direct contact with one another without compromising privacy, security, reliability, and expediency.

Our Inspiration

We aim to provide wealth creating opportunities for the average African. We will enhance everyone’s prospects of “claiming citizenship in the global economy”. BSL empowers everyone from the micro-trader to the industrialist, promoting prosperity, self-reliance and empowerment. BSL is in the business of being the broker for reaching these goals.

Despite the global trend of trade liberalization over more than two decades, the level and composition of Africa's exports have not substantially changed. Africa as a whole only had about 3% of market share as of 2007. Currently, there is neither a payment system, nor an e-commerce aggregator, to service the ordinary African who wants to take advantage of new markets.

Our Purpose

  • BSL facilitates trade through the provision of a secure transaction platform that takes full advantage of the widespread availability of mobile phones on the African continent.
  • We seek to be the payment and remittance solution for a largely un-banked population.
  • Our aim is to facilitate the rapid debut and support of the ordinary African, from both urban and rural environments, onto the global marketplace.
  • Our purpose is simply to facilitate trade to and from every nook and cranny in Africa.